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   About Us

Mission:      qNaturally Systems is a natural language solutions company focused on making unstructured English content transparently searchable and readable from other major languages in use on the web. Our unique and patent-protected cross-language search, browse and knowledge-based translation technologies unlock worldwide market for Search Engines and all businesses with Commercial Websites, by solving the quality impasse of 1st generation machine translations and providing a seamless search and browse experience across languages.

Team:      qNaturally is a global network of PhD linguists, researchers and computer scientists, supported by experienced management. We are unique domain experts in Chinese dialectology, and have access to scarce world-class experts in the field.

Mark Wozniak    -    Over 25 years of success leading new market and industry-transforming efforts. Founding employee of SCEA (Sony Playstation). Founded and sold own business. Drove new technology and market development initiatives at Compaq, Acer, and AltaVista.

Ning-Ping Chan, Founder    -    Berkeley-trained PhD linguist. Professor of Historical Linguistics and Socio-linguistics. Head, Chinese Language Centre, Hong Kong University. Ten (10) year Research Fellowship under Professor Yuen Ren Chao, UC Berkeley. Ms. Chan, first ever to propose statistical approach in grammatical categorization in her dissertation titled, The Nouny Alternative, gave multiple workshops at and was published by the French and Chinese Academies of Social Sciences, and contributed to Random House lexicography entries.

LIU Zhuo    -    Father of machine translation.

XIONG Zhenghui    -    Received China state award for natural language database design/architecture.

Charles Ying    -    Software Architect, Openwave. Founding team member at SendMail.

Robert Beck    -    Senior management at IBM, Bank of America, Abbott Laboratories, Gateway, Scient and Roche Sports.


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