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Internationalizing web-presence sees increasing urgency. qNaturally provides a client-centric toolbar. It organizes information based on our patented cross-language search technology. allowing foreign-language users to navigate in the comfort of their own language.

To preserve the integrity of the principal site, our patent-pending annotation solution unifies the online presence of eBusinesses and enterprises, facilitating a natural language platform to synchronize for professionals of various nationalities.

Transparency brought by the Internet calls for well-orchestrated branding. qNaturally adds new dimensions to search engine marketing. Our cross-language search affords freedom to buy keywords activated by foreign search terms. And, our patent-pending Dialect/Variant Standardization Engine injects inventories to ad keyword buying.

User Experience
  • Gateway to Access
    Foreign-users can search seamlessly from within the comfort of their own language to look at the corpus language with highlights. For instance, Spanish speakers may have the convenience to search with "coche" to pierce through English information. When "car" search results come up, all occurrences of it can be highlighted.

  • Annotation − Reading Convenience
    qNaturally's "paradigm-shifting" annotation engine leverages the foreign-language user's active mind in the translation process. It evokes a better understanding of the source content and is clinically proved to be preferred by many users.


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